The Nineteenth

Guest List:

Mayor Pete Muldoon: the mayor of Jackson, Wyoming, who decided to replace the portraits of President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence with a picture of a Native American chief in the town hall, according to a Huff Post article. In a statement, Mayor Muldoon explains that it is a decision out of respect for the members of the community, to not take sides.

Alastair Bruce of Crionaich: a historical advisor for the popular show Downton Abbey and the Royal, Religious and National Events Commentator for Sky News. Mr. Bruce played an essential role in developing the show’s historical authenticity and richness, by sharing his knowledge with both the cast and crew, says an LA Times article.

Elizabeth Claire Taylor: a former plus-size model and the creator of Curvy Beach, a plus-size bikini line who was recently featured on Refinery29 video. Ms. Taylor designs bikinis that accommodate to the natural plus-size form rather than require the plus-size form to conform to a certain shape.

Epeli Dranidalo: the Chairman of the Cicia Island Council. Cicia Island is part of the Lau Islands in Fiji and was declared an “organic island” by the elders of the island, in part based on its pristine environment. The elders decided that being an “organic island” would be a sustainable economic solution. The story of the “organic island” is chronicled in a short film by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).

Alexey Kondakov: an art historian and designer who creates composite works that juxtaposes classical art figures with modern, urban backdrops, according to My Modern Met article.


We suspect that a lot of these guests, based on their above mentioned careers and positions, would express value for communities. Clearly, Mr. Dranidalo has a distinct and valuable role in regards to community. Yet, so do the other guests. Mr. Dranidalo and Mayor Muldoon are community leaders, thus, would they engage in discussion about serving their communities? Would they share insight in representing the needs of their neighbors and constituents?

Perhaps, people would discuss sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives after hearing about the “organic island.” Perhaps, they would exchange thoughts for developing stable economies without exploiting the land to a damaging extent.

As for the other guests, we conjecture that they each will offer variants of opinions and insights on topics ranging from community leadership to history to entrepreneurship to art.

In commentaries and other programs, Mr. Bruce has impressed television viewers countless times. Would he do so at dinner? Would he know about and share with us the intricacies of historical dinner parties? Would he discuss the dining manners of the fictional Downton Abbey household? Would the guests partake in a sort of reenactment? Would Mr. Dranidalo share the history of Cicia Island? How would his story differ from others?

Mr. Kondakov would possibly engage in a specific dialogue with Mr. Bruce, as he is, from what we gather, well-versed in classical art. Would his role as an art historian yield a particular exchange with Mr. Bruce?

Would Ms. Taylor, being a designer, be inspired by these insights and her observations to design a swimwear collection? Would she draw from the history that would likely be discussed among some of the other guests?


This week’s theme is: “Lessons from the Past.” Moving into the week, we ask that our readers consider how their decisions, creations, and relationships have been affected by the past and, especially, by history. Along with that, how has the concept of community influenced our current civilization?

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