The Eighteenth

Guest List

Myrna Beth Haskell: a co-founder and the managing editor for Sanctuary, a community-oriented publication designed to be a “retreat” for female readers. It highlights and celebrates the work of poets, painters, photographers, and others to encourage a reading experience centered around serenity and inspiration.

Jon Ososki: an electronic music artist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer featured as a male artist in Sanctuary. Mr. Ososki composes music for film, including an upcoming short film by Australian director Jacquelyn Pelczar, according to his artist interview with Sanctuary. His background in music consists of tastes in heavy metal and, later, progressive rock.

Jacqueline Pelczar: a young, award-winning filmmaker, director, and writer from Perth, Australia. The themes seen in Ms. Pelczar’s work and collaborations with other artists include social issues and topics such as racial inequality, political protests, domestic violence, and gender identity, as seen via her Vimeo.

Kathi Kromer: the new associate executive director (AED) for the American Library Association’s Washington, D.C., office. Ms. Kromer has an extensive background in public policy and outreach strategy, working with Congress and state governments for over twenty years, according to an article from INFOdocket.

Gary Price: a co-founder and editor of INFOdocket, a website which provides a constant feed of relevant industry news and information. Mr. Price is a librarian, writer, consultant, and frequent conference speaker, based in the Washington, D.C., area.


This week, HDP wants to know your thoughts. Comment below or on our Facebook Page to tell us what the dinner table would be like with each of these guests present.


You may notice that some of these guests are linked, in one way or another. When we prepare the weekly guest lists, one of the most efficient ways of compiling a good list is by examining the professional networks of the guests. The theme for The Nineteenth installment of HDP is: “The Inherent Interconnections Between Brilliant Minds.” Our focus is on networking and community, concepts which might be somewhat synonymous.

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