The Eleventh

Guest List

Jon Ronson: a journalist, writer, and documentary filmmaker, who shared a somewhat bizarre story at the TED2012 Conference called “Strange answers to the psychopath test,” featuring artful live-mixed sound by Julian Treasure and animation by Evan Grant.

Michelle McKinney: an English artist who is a master of manipulating industrial materials to yield ethereal art. A recent article from My Modern Met includes a description of her process as well as images of completed works created by cutting, dying, arranging, and securing metal pieces. The metal sculptures, although made with industrial materials, are inspired by and reminiscent of nature.

Bruno Borges: a 24-year-old Brazilian man who was reported missing on March 27. As seen in a Now This video on Facebook, his room contains encrypted writings and symbols which might be clues as to his whereabouts. Additionally, Mr. Borges included a statue of Giordano Bruno, a sixteenth century philosopher who believed in aliens, in the room.

Tim Bengel: a 25-year-old German artist who reached worldwide recognition on social media for his artworks using sand and gold.

Marc Riboud: a French photographer known for his visual documentation of the Vietnam War. His photograph, recognized by the name The Ultimate Confrontation: The Flower and the Bayonet, is one of the most iconic anti-war images. According to a Teen Vogue article, it was this image which was inspiration for the controversial Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. Ms. Jenner is meant to represent the pictured woman, Jan Rose Kasmir, and not a protester from Black Lives Matter protests.

Saffiyah Khan: the young woman who was photographed defiantly grinning at the leader of the fascist and racist far-right English Defence League (EDL) movement, Ian Crossland, in Birmingham, according to a Telegraph article. Ms. Khan stepped in to defend a woman in blue hijab when members of the movement surrounded and threatened her. The image of the interaction quickly went viral.

After viewing Mr. Ronson’s TED Talk, we wonder if he would spend much time during dinner trying to ascertain if the other guest are psychopaths. He is evidently an observer of people and, with such in consideration, we predict that he would be attentive to each guest in some capacity. He is one to ask questions which are frequently the fuel for conversation. The presence of questions in a dialogue distinguishes a compelling conversation from an unorganized game of verbal table tennis in which participants speak without clear direction.

Based on perceived eccentricity, Mr. Borges would possibly be the primary target of Mr. Ronson’s psychopath determination, but that is, of course, if Mr. Borges would be in attendance.

We posit that Mr. Borges would be a relatively quiet guest. Would he openly interact with the others? Would he be willing to divulge secrets of his disappearance? Would he disappear during the dinner party?

It would be logical to assume that the artists, Ms. McKinney, Mr. Bengel, and Mr. Riboud, would engage in a discussion about their work. However, there are likely to be underlying themes to their work which give rise to unforeseen conversations.

We wonder what it would be like for Mr. Riboud and Ms. Khan to be introduced. Would they share stories about protests and political happenings? Would Mr. Riboud reminisce about his work during the Vietnam War? Would he draw parallels between the political atmospheres of then and now? Would he share them? Would Ms. Khan find his insight to be of significant value?

Focusing solely on Ms. Khan, would she undersell herself when questioned about the Birmingham incident? Based on articles in which she is quoted, we perceive her as exceptionally modest but what she did was far more powerful than she seems to indicate in interviews.

We realize that dinner parties, even hypothetical ones, with over six or seven guests tend to become less intimate. What is the role of intimacy in dinner parties and other social interactions between people? How is intimacy attained? When should intimacy be attained? This week’s HDP theme is, therefore, intimacy. Follow us on Facebook for other posts about HDP and to contact us with guest list suggestions.

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