The First

“Hypothetical Dinner Parties” is a blog which proposes imaginary scenarios of intriguing people interacting. Each post consists of a list of guests. The guests are be selected by their role and coverage in the media.

The goal of “Hypothetical Dinner Parties” is to allow readers to envision encounters of extraordinary individuals. My dream is to one day make a hypothetical dinner party a reality.

Guest List

Jim Acosta: a CNN reporter who was silenced by the President-elect following the release of an unverified dossier

Christopher Steele: a former British spy who is said to have created the dossier as a series of memos to clients seeking compromising information about Donald Trump as a presidential candidate

Barry Jenkins: a filmmaker whose film “Moonlight” won the Golden Globe award for Best Drama Motion Picture

John Edmark: an artist who specializes in kinetic and animated sculptures exhibiting his fascination with space and growth through physical explorations of geometry

Ryan Hickman: a seven-year-old who has raised $10,000 toward his college education by recycling in his neighborhood

Ingrid Silva: a professional ballet dancer from Brazil

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